The High-End 3D Measurement and Digitisation System

The smartSCAN 3D-HE measurement and digitisation system is the result of progressive development and enhancement of our successful smartSCAN 3D product line. Wherever high accuracy and resolution are of key importance, the mobile smartSCAN 3D-HE offers the optimum three-dimensional solution for your all your metrological tasks and challenges.

The new smartSCAN-HE

Precision and Performance

Characterised by its extremely fast data acquisition at a very high level of resolution, the smartSCAN 3D-HE delivers highly accurate 3D coordinates within seconds for any kinds of objects, regardless of their size, geometry and complexity. The practical qualification and effectiveness of the system is proven in its daily application context, be it in the traditional measurement laboratory, the workshop setting or in a rough and demanding industrial production environment.

Setup for large fields of view


Combining high performance and precise detail resolution with a broad choice of available measurement fields, the smartSCAN 3D-HE provides the perfect solution for any 3D task, especially in the fields of product development and quality control. Its application areas cover tasks such as inspection of sheet metal components in the automotive industry, mould making, tooling and quality control in product design as well as measuring and digitising projects in reverse engineering.

Fast, easy change of the field of view

Fields of View

The smartSCAN 3D-HE comes with an extensive standard range of measuring fields, reaching from 100 mm all the way up to 1200 mm. Additional customised fields of view to capture smaller or bigger measuring areas can also be provided.
The fields of view are easily adjusted by exchanging the system lenses, and in case of larger adaptations by swopping the systems sensor base. The convenient and fast calibration as well as the adjusted laser pointers facilitate the setup adaptation.